Upcoming speaking engagements and travel

My next 2 months is going to be jam packed with conferences and travel!

  • Devopsdays NZ, March 8 2013. I will be giving a talk that analyses AA261 through a DevOps lense, looking at the collaborative maintenance and operation of the MD-83 in the crash.
  • Monitorama, March 28-29 2013. I’m looking forward to slowing down and listening at Monitorama, which has a tremendous line up of speakers. I’ll be keen to hear what others think of the work we’ve been doing on Flapjack the last 6 months.
  • Mountain West Ruby Conf 2013, April 3-5 2013. MWRC has added an extra day of DevOps content to the conference this year, and I’ll be joining an esteemed speaker lineup to talk about what both dev and ops can learn from AF447 when responding to rapidly evolving failure scenarios.
  • I’ll be staying in the Netherlands for a little under a week between conferences, visiting family and friends. Hopefully I can visit a meetup or two.
  • Open Source Data Center Conference 2013, April 17-18 2013. This will be my first time in Nurenberg, and I’m really looking forward to saying I have attended both OSDCs. I’ll be talking about Ript, a DSL for describing firewall rules, and a tool for incrementally applying them.
  • Puppet Camp Nurenberg 2013, April 19 2013. Straight after OSDC I’ll be talking about how we are using Puppet at Bulletproof Networks in multi-tenant, isolated environments.