cucumber-nagios 0.5.0

I’ve just released a new version of cucumber-nagios, and this release is quite a milestone!

Big changes in this release include:

  • Removal of the ghetto bundler in favour of wycats/carllerche’s bundler.

    In previous releases, you’d use a rake task to freeze in dependencies. This produced all sorts of weird problems when new versions of the dependencies were released, it didn’t handle gems with C extensions that well, and could be very slow if you ran it multiple times.

    Now that bundler has started maturing, cucumber-nagios has made the switch. It eliminates all the aforementioned issues, and integrates cleanly with RubyGems.

  • Renaming of the gem to cucumber-nagios from auxesis-cucumber-nagios, as GitHub have discontinued building gems. The gem is now published on Gemcutter.

  • The project generator now prints out helpful instructions when you generate a new project.

  • cucumber-nagios projects have built-in steps for benchmarking response times. The following example explains it best:

  To keep the geek masses satisfied
  Slashdot must be responsive
  Scenario: Visiting a responsive front page
    Given I am benchmarking
    When I go to
    Then the elapsed time should be less than 5 seconds
  • A --debug switch can be passed to cucumber-nagios to print out the command line built and executed. This can be useful when writing your features.

  • Removal of several unnecessary support files, and cleanups of helpers and Cucumber’s World object setup, in line with an updated version of Webrat.

  • Refactoring of the Nagios formatter for Cucumber to use Cucumber 0.4.0’s formatter interface. For users, this simply means cucumber-nagios now works with Cucumber 0.4.0 (the latest at time of this release).

Although i’ve done a fair amount of testing, there will invariably be bugs, which can be reported on GitHub.