The Hardcopy Books 2009 Launch Survey

James, Michael and I have been working on a small startup called Hardcopy Books for the last 3 months. Here’s the elevator pitch:

Hardcopy Books is an online bookstore exclusively for tech books in Australia. How are we different?
  1. We only stock tech books.
  2. Your orders will be cheaper than through Amazon.
  3. We aim to deliver within a week.

We started it because ordering tech books in Australia sucks. If you order from Amazon, the books are cheap, but they can take ages to get here, and shipping is very expensive. Most local book stores don’t specialise in tech books, and the ones that do have a very slow turnaround and a horribly tedious ordering process. We aim to change that.

Today we’re announcing the Hardcopy Books 2009 Launch Survey.

We’re asking you, the local tech community, to fill it out and let us know what sort of books you buy. We’re going to be launching with a select group of titles, and the feedback you give us will let us know what books we need to stock up on.

We’re also on Twitter, so you can keep up to date with the launch on there.