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Leader, Systems Thinker, Engineer.

I am an engineering manager living in the Blue Mountains just outside of Sydney, Australia.

I lead product-focused development teams spread across the globe. Together we build platforms and services to help other teams within our organisation succeed. I make this happen by doing two key things for the team: remove obstacles and limit interruptions.

While my primary responsibilities are leadership, engineering talent is key to the value I provide to the business.

A regular speaker at conferences internationally, when at home I organise the longest continuously running DevOps meetup in the world, the Sydney DevOps meetup.

When not looking after my three kids, I listen to music, run, and read.

Employment history

Head of Technology at Digital Transformation Office (2015 - 2017)

As Head of Technology I am responsible for helping teams in the DTO successfully build and operationalise simpler, clearer, faster digital services that solve problems for all Australians.

As the first technical hire in the newly formed DTO, I was responsible for growing the engineering arm of the organisation to 40 people in the first year, with 97.5% retention. I implemented a hiring process that grants teams authority to make hiring decisions in an inclusive and transparent way.

I am responsible for developing and iterating the DTO technology strategy as the organisation has scaled up, creating a framework that allows for teams to deliver in a consistent, safe, and unsurprising way across the organisation, but gives teams the freedom to make their own technology choices based on the problems they are solving.

I regularly speak on behalf of the DTO to the government and private sector, keynoting the Cloud Foundry Summit 2016 in Santa Clara about how the DTO uses Cloud Foundry to deliver services and recover from failure fast.

Finally, I spearheaded the creation of a faster, safer, standard way to change web apps without impacting the user, which frees up teams to focus on writing code that meets user needs.

Co-Founder at Rad Alert (2015)

Rad Alert was an early stage startup building monitoring for people who don’t do monitoring.

I paused Rad Alert when the DTO came knocking.

R&D Manager at Bulletproof Networks (2010 - 2015)

As R&D Manager it was my responsibility and privilege to lead a team of highly skilled engineers to understand and automate existing business processes and build scalable systems from the ground up.

Achievements include:

Consultant at (2009-2010)

Achievements included:

Sysadmin + Developer at Solutions First (2006 - 2008)

Achievements included:

Media coverage:

Linux Desktop Engineer at Stratech (2004 - 2006)

Design, implementation, and maintenance of Point-Of-Sales SOE for Kennards Hire. At the time this was the largest deployment of desktop Linux in the southern hemisphere.

Achievements included:



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Open Source

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I frequently speak at meetups and conferences in Australia and internationally.

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