The times, they are a-changin'


It’s been a stupidly long time since I’ve updated this thing, so here it goes!

30 weeks 5 days

Julia and I are expecting! The baby’s due on October 19, so not long to go.

New House New House

We have a new house. We’re situated between Julia’s parents and mine, which will work out really well when the baby arrives.

On the work front, I’ve stopped I’ve manned up and gotten a Real Job. After a brief stint at Rails Machine (awesome dudes, you can’t go past them for Ruby on Rails hosting and scalability consulting), I’m now working at Bulletproof Networks, being paid to hack on my various open source monitoring projects.

In open source land, there’s been a major new release of Visage, cucumber-nagios has had several bugfix and minor feature releases, and Visage also has a brand spanking new website. Due to the baby and new job I had to cancel appearances at Agile 2010 and FrOSCon, however Stephen Nelson-Smith stepped up to the plate and gave a great talk on Visage and Reconnoiter (Theora, h264).

The baby means we’ll be calling Sydney home for a while, however (fingers crossed) the new year should bode well for travel!