cucumber-nagios: ready for prime time

I pushed out a new release of cucumber-nagios last night. Things of note:

  • It's now project focused. Use cucumber-nagios-gen to generate a project. The project provides infrastructure for freezing in dependencies, so you can zip up the project directory and migrate it between machines easily.
  • It's released as a gem. You can install it with a plain old gem install cucumber-nagios. This will install everything you need to set up a project.

To get up and running with cucumber-nagios, this is what you need to do:

gem sources -a
gem install auxesis-cucumber-nagios
cucumber-nagios-gen project
rake deps

When you generate a project, it also spits out a .bzrignore and .gitignore, so there’s no excuse not to be using version control!

All the previous documentation about writing and testing features still applies. I’m planning on adding support for generating features with cucumber-nagios-gen in the next release.

The code and documentation can now be found on GitHub. Launchpad was giving me no love.